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BendPak Vehicle Lifts and Battery Tables

You can find the new BendPak two-post vehicle lifts and EV battery tables at Liftnow. Working with heavy-duty equipment can be challenging, but these new solutions and the rest of Liftnow’s comprehensive selection can help you complete work more easily and keep your staff safe while doing so. 

Who Is BendPak?

Since 1965, BendPak has dedicated its brand to quality global manufacturing of shop equipment. The company strives to develop and distribute automotive service equipment efficiently without compromising integrity, earning its reputation as a world leader in innovative car lifts, battery tables, air compressors and more.

From their first owner, Don Henthorn, through modern times, the BendPak team has never considered second place to be an option. They are constantly bringing new equipment, training and maintenance protocols to the industry, allowing them to rightfully maintain their position as a household name around the world.

Newly Announced BendPak Two-Post Vehicle Lifts

With BendPak’s premier tool availability and impressive reputation, Liftnow is honored to stock and deliver BendPak equipment to our loyal customers, starting with their range of two-post car lifts. The right equipment gives any shop or service station a boost in durability and versatility, and the BendPak selection at Liftnow lets you choose from incredible options like:

  • 10APX/10APX-181: This machine features a lifting capacity of 10,000 lbs and a maximum capacity of 5,000 lbs. Get some of the heaviest personal automobiles up to 79.5″ off the ground for thorough examination and easy repairs.
  • 10AP/10AP-168: This powerhouse 2-post lift has the same lifting and maximum capacities as the 10APX series with a lifting height of 82.5″.

Newly Announced BendPak EV Battery Tables

As compact and electric vehicles become more popular, auto shops may want to consider adding EV battery table lifts to their inventory. BendPak’s battery tables include these essential models:

  • EV4000SLThis model has an impressive lifting capacity of 4,000 lbs. The platform can reach a height of 75.75″ in just 18 seconds, improving shop efficiency and increasing your capabilities.
  • EV2400SLThis product can handle compact vehicles that weigh less than 2,400 lbs. Like the EV4000SL model, it rises to a height of 75.75″ and lowers to 21.5″ for convenient storage.

Shop BendPak Products at Liftnow Today

Find the solutions you need for any job through Liftnow’s selection of vehicle lifts, battery packs, air compressors and service equipment from leading brands like BendPak. Request a brochure or a quote on any piece of equipment today when you contact our customer care team.

Pickup truck being hoisted by a BendPak 2 post vehicle lift
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