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Automotive Equipment Services & Support

Liftnow offers a wide selection of service and equipment distribution options for your private or public business or agency to help you thrive. We can work within nearly every automotive market or industry, and we have helped large and small organizations make the most of their business. Learn more about our service and distribution options below.

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Public Sector Service

Our public sector services are heavily focused on the SLED market (State, Local and Education), and we offer national contracts to ensure we can service your agency or entity from anywhere within the United States. Our public sector services include inspections, purchases, service support and more.

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Private Sector Service

Our private-sector services allow us to partner with various agencies and businesses to help you get the necessary equipment. We can work with car dealerships, auto repair and collision shops, tire dealers and more. We’ve successfully assisted many large private-sector clients and agencies and can help your shop or business too.

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Equipment & Facility Construction

Liftnow can help with equipment and facility construction whether you’re the owner, architect or contractor. We can help you through each stage of the project process, from conceptualization to project close-out. Our methods will help streamline your equipment and facility construction to ensure its quality.

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Automotive Equipment Service

Our automotive equipment service works to keep your heavy machinery operational and efficient. We can service your equipment from anywhere in the U.S. and perform repairs, maintenance, installations and more. We’re the only business in the industry with a nationally-recognized service program as comprehensive as ours.

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Automotive Equipment and Vehicle Lift Inspections

We offer automotive equipment and vehicle lift inspections from all manufacturers. Our contract allows us to inspect any lift or equipment in the United States from businesses of any size, making us one of the only businesses capable of this feat in the industry. All of our inspectors are ALI certified.

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Automotive Equipment Financing

We offer automotive equipment financing to help you obtain the necessary equipment while staying within your budget. We have financing options available from both public-sector and private-sector entities, and we’ll work within your budget to find a monthly payment plan and contract that suits your business. From car lift financing to auto repair equipment financing and more, our financing options have helped countless organization and agencies get the equipment they need.

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Sourcewell Public Cooperative Purchasing Contract

Our Sourcewell contracts are available for publicly-funded entities in the U.S. and Canada. Sourcewell members can access cooperative purchasing options to get the equipment and service they need with transparent pricing. We can also service your equipment through Sourcewell, whether you buy from us or not. We’re the only business in the industry with this capability and contract.

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As the U.S.’s leading vehicle lifts dealer and auto shop equipment distributor, we’ll help you get the high-quality equipment you need. Contact us today to take advantage of our many service options for the automotive industry and market.  You can also request service to get started or request a quote for one of our automotive equipment options.

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