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Whether you’re an Owner of a project, an Architect helping with a project, or a General Contractor or Construction Company bidding a project, Liftnow can help. Liftnow has a wealth of experience in construction contracts and projects for each step of a project’s lifecycle: 



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Liftnow can help an Owner with conceptualization of a project, and can help an Owner decide on:

Scope of Work

Scope of work can help answer what can be done in a facility and what should be done in a facility, along with discussions about upfitting current facilities, the existing fleet and needs of the Owner, and the future fleet and needs of the Owner.

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Owner Furnished, Owner Installed (OFOI)

Sometimes, it makes better fiscal sense for an Owner to procure and/or install equipment separately from a construction contract. Liftnow can advise on which equipment should be procured separately. The owner-furnished procurement process can be made simple through Liftnow’s contract portfolio.

Liftnow has also given presentations to the NIGP about the benefits of Owner Furnished, Owner Installed equipment (OFOI).


Design and Visualization

Going from conceptualization and procurement to facility design is no easy task. However, visualizing a facility can help in securing funding and advancing the project into its next phases. Liftnow maintains an in-house design team and suite, that can take an architect’s initial blueprint and turn it into full-color, 3D, walkthrough renderings.

We’re the only equipment team with dedicated in-house personnel to handle:

  • Sketching & Drawing – Check out some of the demonstrations below, but we use an enterprise-level, computer aided design software (AutoCAD for short) to draw out the exact dimensions of your shop.
  • Equipment Placement & Optimization – We have 1:1 models of ALL of our equipment imported directly into our software, so we can place it directly into your shop. No guesswork.
  • Impact to Business Analysis – How would an extra bay benefit your business? What equipment is best for the bay to reap the maximum benefit for your facility? We run all the numbers to give you the best return-on-investment.

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Once the conceptual and overarching objectives of the project are mostly answered, including the scope of work, the question becomes, “how do we pay for it?” Many construction projects can be years in the making. Liftnow can provide a solution for tax-exempt financing.

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Liftnow can help Architects and Engineers specify the equipment they are looking for in connection with a new facility or existing facility. This is done through Liftnow’s spec database, which can be requested by architects and engineers. Additionally, Liftnow will ensure that the specifications are up-to-date and reflect the Manufacturer’s latest specifications, since Manufacturers undergo periodic changes to their products. Liftnow will also ensure that the Architect-requested vehicle lifts and garage equipment accurately reflects the needs and priorities of the Owner, while simultaneously providing options at a variety of budget levels. 

For Architects building specification books, Liftnow’s relevant sections are generally Section 11, Section 14, and Section 23, but this may vary depending on how the book is built as well as which specifications software you are using. 

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General Contractor Collaboration

If you are a General Contractor that is bidding a project on a new bus garage, vehicle maintenance facility, or other type of service facility, Liftnow can provide budgetary estimates and quotes for your project with a quicker turnaround and more accurate quotes than any contractor in the industry. Additionally, where other companies do not have specialists devoted to Project Management of these projects, Liftnow has a team to ensure the experience is as seamless as any less complicated project. 

Construction projects include multiple educational facilities and other vehicle maintenance facilities across the country.

Liftnow also works tirelessly with their General Contractor partners to successfully compress lead times and costs by employing a variety of creative solutions. Even throughout COVID-19’s supply chain and inflationary struggles, Liftnow has a stellar track record of remaining on or under budget for their projects. 

Upon request, Liftnow can also meet lower-tier subcontractor and supplier goals, including supplier diversity. 

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Subcontractor Collaboration

If you are a Subcontractor that has been contracted on a new facility, Liftnow is pleased to supply any equipment needed to fulfill your contract at competitive prices. Additionally, Liftnow can act as a sub-subcontractor for any specialized installations or labor that your team may not handle in-house. Liftnow’s national Service Program, which is already being successfully employed to Public Sector Entities across the United States, makes Liftnow a competitive choice for vehicle lifts and garage equipment across the country. 

Project Close-Out

Liftnow manages its contracts and subcontracts wholly through final close-out. Liftnow also offers options for Owners and Contractors alike for ongoing service and maintenance of newly installed equipment. Liftnow can offer flat rates for ongoing service and maintenance through our national Service Program. 

Liftnow also maintains all insurance and other certifications for the length of any contract and can maintain those certifications after, depending on further Owner and Contractor requirements. 

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