Do you think that a piece of equipment is out of your budget? Our Finance Department is here to assist with your financing questions and needs. Whether you’re a new or existing business, private sector or public sector, Liftnow works with a wide variety of specialty vehicle and equipment financing companies to make sure that your facility stays up-to-date, safe, and profitable.

NCL Government Capital offers public sector entities the industry’s only competitively-bid, tax-exempt municipal financing solution through their Sourcewell Contract. 

NCL explains it best on their website:

“Tax-exempt municipal financing is a funding solution offered to government and educational agencies as a way to acquire new assets.

With a variety of funding needs and institutional constraints, when new equipment is needed, funds aren’t always available. Tax-exempt municipal financing allows agencies to get the equipment they need now through a manageable installment payments that come from their operating budget.

Whether you’re purchasing new office technology, firetrucks, playgrounds, heavy equipment, or sustainability projects, you can count on us to customize the financing structure, payment plan, and contract terms to your specific needs.” 

See NCL’s explainer video explaining their process: 

Ensuring end-to-end compliance for Public Sector Entities is more important than ever. While Liftnow’s Sourcewell Contract and other contracts provides the United States’ only turnkey solution for vehicle lifts and garage equipment, NCL can help ensure that financing is also compliant, creating an integrated solution and a win-win for the Public Sector Agency under Sourcewell. 

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