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Liftnow’s Contract Public Sector Offerings

Liftnow offers more public sector contracts than any other business within the United States. We focus on providing contracts to those in the State, Local and Education (SLED) market. However, we can also offer contracts to public sector businesses in other markets across the United States and Canada. We also provide public-sector automotive equipment financing arrangements for our public-sector contracts, whether you need new garage equipment or want to build a shop from the ground up.

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Liftnow’s Other National Contracts

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Contract Service Program

Liftnow is the only contract-compliant way to install and remove vehicle lifts and garage equipment. We also offer the following services through our contracts: 

Installation of New Lifts and Other Garage Equipment
Removal of Existing Lifts and Other Garage Equipment
Disposal of Existing Lifts and Other Garage Equipment
Re-Installation of Existing Lifts (Including transport between facilities) and Other Garage Equipment
Annual Lift Inspections and Garage Equipment Maintenance
Site Visits or General Diagnostics
Regularly Scheduled Service (also called Preventative Maintenance Service)
Remedial Service (for when there’s a specific problem)
Emergency Service
Hourly Rates, Travel Rates, etc.
ALI Manuals – needed to pass ALI -certified Vehicle Lift Inspections
Training & Design
CAD Design of New Facilities/Existing Facilities
Parts Support and Procurement for All Brands through RFP as well as brands not through Proposal, namely 40+ defunct brands of Vehicle Lifts and Garage Equipment to provide ongoing support.
Related Service Support and Procurement for all Lifts and Equipment through Proposal as well as brands not through RFP in connection with a project through a qualifying contract
4 post vehicle lift provided by Liftnow Automotive Equipment

Extensive Reach for Various Markets

Liftnow has extensive reach for different markets, working in nearly every market and helping businesses of all sizes. We’ve also done work with local and well-known clients, meaning you won’t have to cancel an existing contract to work with us. We can provide equipment services or deliver equipment anywhere you need in the United States, whether you are wanting new equipment for your project or have an unexpected breakdown and require emergency assistance.

We also offer financing options and cooperative purchasing options for different markets to help you get the necessary equipment to work on your projects. We can help you explore your other options, assist you in finding vehicle equipment within your budget and conceptualize the ROI for your equipment purchases for your organization. We work with various financial institutions to help you find the best deal for your budget.

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Garage shop raising a Liftnow automotive vehicle lift

Nearly Our Entire Product Catalog Is Fair Game

Our public sector contracts allow you to easily acquire and get service for your various automotive equipment needs. We can do any work associated with our product catalog, from maintenance and repairs to installation. Other work in our product catalog includes automotive vehicle lifts, wheel service equipment, lubrication equipment and systems and more.

Our services are available in the United States and Canada, and we’ll come to you whenever you need to get your project started or to get you up and running so that you can complete your projects on schedule.

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Find Out How Liftnow Can Help Your Public Sector Organization

If your business is in the public sector, Liftnow can help by making a contract that suits your organization’s or agency’s needs, allowing you to get the necessary equipment and service to keep your business running. We offer comprehensive services and have a vast catalog to choose from. Contact us today to learn more about our public-sector automotive equipment services or request service to get started. You can also request a quote for our automotive or lift equipment.

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