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Liftnow Sourcewell Awarded Contract

Liftnow Awarded Sourcewell Contract: #013020-LFT

Our Sourcewell cooperative purchasing contract allows us to provide Sourcewell members in the U.S. and Canada with exclusive financing and service options. We’re the only business in the industry awarded this contract and capability, making us your reliable provider of transparent pricing and service options.

Sourcewell is a revolutionary government agency that utilizes cooperative purchasing and vendor-awarded contracts to deliver best-in-class products and services to their over 60,000 members. Members include government agencies, educational institutions, and not-for-profit institutions.

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Get Better Prices and Availability for the Auto Equipment You Need

Our Sourcewell cooperative purchasing contract allows public-sector entities and businesses to lower the price of automotive equipment. Sourcewell members will also have greater availability regarding the equipment selection Liftnow has available. We offer transparent pricing on any equipment you purchase, so you’re not surprised by hidden fees or costs. You’ll know what you’re paying from the start.

Liftnow also offers service capabilities anywhere in the United States, Canada or one of their territories. You can rest easy knowing your equipment and machinery are taken care of, and we can deliver service no matter where you are in the States or Canada, even during an emergency.

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Service and Support Beyond Your Equipment Purchase

Our support doesn’t end once you’ve purchased your equipment. We’ll continue to offer service and support beyond your equipment purchase, from preventative maintenance and repairs to equipment inspections. Our Sourcewell cooperative purchasing contract extends to any equipment, not just the equipment you buy from us. That means whether you purchased your equipment from another provider or directly from us, as a Sourcewell member, you can rely on service and support from Liftnow for anything you need, regardless of where you are in the United States or Canada.

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What Options Does Sourcewell Give You?

Sourcewell members have plenty of options for goods and services from Liftnow. We offer comprehensive services you can’t find anywhere else thanks to our exclusive cooperative contract with Sourcewell. Sourcewell members qualify for the following goods and services available from Liftnow:

How to Become a Sourcewell Member

Sourcewell has over 50,000 members who can benefit from our exclusive cooperative purchasing contract. Becoming a Sourcewell member is easy. You can register on their website, and the application is free, so you don’t have to worry about paying membership fees to access the benefits of our cooperative contract. The verification period only takes 24 hours before you become an official Sourcewell member. You’ll qualify for membership if:

  • Your business or organization falls under government, education or nonprofit agencies.
  • Your organization is publicly funded.
  • You are located in the United States, Canada or one of their territories.

You have different options for applying to become a member, including applying online or through a paper-based application. Government agencies may need a Joint Exercise Powers or an Interlocal Agreement, and nonprofits may need to apply for an Associate Member Agreement.

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Our Sourcewell contract allows us to provide unique equipment offers, support and service to Sourcewell members. You can benefit from our exclusive contract with Sourcewell by contacting us today. You can also request a quote for equipment or vehicle lifts or request service, whether you need preventative maintenance or emergency repairs.

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