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Case Studies


City Contacts Liftnow With A Unique Need

In early 2021, this city contacted Liftnow with a unique need of outfitting an entirely new fleet maintenance facility.

However, until our unique turnkey solution and approach to garage equipment and service, this project would’ve likely meant over half a dozen distinct bids, with potentially dozens of respondents, and a logistical and management headache that might cost tens of thousands in administrative and bid costs alone. That’s when the City reached out to Liftnow for help, hearing about one of cooperative government contracts which covers not only 40+ brands of garage equipment from the smallest jacks and stands to the heaviest duty of bus lifts and equipment, and installation and service of all kinds of equipment under a single contract with a single point of contact, the government team at Liftnow. By utilizing the architect-drawn shop plans, shown below, and having numerous conference calls with Liftnow’s product and service specialists, we were able to narrow down what the City actually needed, while making suggestions to the existing layout.

Once the project was specified and quoted properly, the use of a cooperative purchasing contract made the administrative portion of the project a breeze for the City. Once approved, Liftnow was tasked with ordering and managing over 12 vendors and service providers to successfully outfit the City. Liftnow has the only contract in the country that allows for this flexibility for a project of this size and scope.

Instead of referring to multiple contracts and points of contact, the City simply kept in contact with the team at Liftnow, who served as a single point of contact for the life of the project. All expectations were met and exceeded in terms of lead times, quality of service, and budgetary constraints.


  • Supply and Installation of Vehicle Lifts
  • Tire Changer and Wheel Balancer
  • Air Compressor and Air Dryer
  • Assorted Shop Equipment: Air Conditioning Service System, Drill Press, Bandsaw,
    Commercial Vehicle Stands, Shop Press
  • Full Air System – Air Reels, Shut off Valves, Copper Loop and Air Drops,
    Air Line around the shop
  • Full Lubrication System – 4 oil reels and meter, seamless tubing, 4 oil pumps, copper
    piping and fitting
  • Full Vehicle Exhaust Extraction System: Hose Reels, Direct Drive Blowers, etc.

Additionally, with our service program we were able to provide other services, because the Liftnow program is the only one that respects the long-term value of a customer’s entire needs that extends past any single product or service. Other services we have provided include:

  • Transferring of an existing lift from one facility to another
  • Assist with a state-mandated notice of installation of boiler/pressure vessel (related to air compressor installation)
  • Assist with warranty calls on existing equipment


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