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Case Studies


Police Department In The Pacific Northwest

IN LATE 2021, THIS POLICE DEPARTMENT IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST contacted Liftnow because they needed additional vehicle storage since their impound lot was reaching capacity.

Before Liftnow’s contract portfolio and solution, there wasn’t a way for a police department to reliably procure vehicle storage lifts on a cooperative purchasing contract, including turnkey installation and annual inspection.

By utilizing the facility drawings (sometimes called DWG’s) and having numerous conference calls with various stakeholders at the Police Department, we were able to narrow down what the Department actually needed to the exact model that would fit as many storage lifts as possible, a whopping sixteen. Instead of referring to numerous contracts and specialists, the City simply kept in contact with the team at Liftnow, who served as a single point of contact for the life of the project. This included managing delivery, installation and inspection. All expectations were met and exceeded in terms of the production and delivery schedule, quality and speed of installation, and overall budget.

Please see attached pictures below for the project, which shows the supply and installation of the 16 vehicle storage lifts, complete with various impounded vehicles in a large, prefabricated storage facility.

Additionally, with our service and inspection program we were able to provide free annual inspections for the first year. Next year, we look forward to performing these inspections again for the Police Department, where they will receive a comprehensive report checking all major lifting points and other components, by an ALI-Certified Inspector where available and requested.


  • Preventative maintenance or “nice-to-haves” to prolong the life of the lifts. These are recommended since as a general rule of thumb, the earlier you fix a potential problem or perform maintenance, the cheaper and more problem-free a lift will be in the long-run, lowering total cost of ownership.
  • Immediate concerns or “must-haves” to ensure the lift is properly operating in the short term. These are highly recommended since by forgoing these, one risks that the lift becomes inoperable, causing serious disruptions to normal operations/activities and at worst causing safety concerns for employees.

The Liftnow Service and Inspection program is the only one that respects the long-term value of a customer’s entire needs that extends past any single product or service. It is also the only competitively-bid and contract compliant way to procure these services on a national scale, whether a two-bay shop or a one-hundred bay maintenance facility.


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