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Case Studies


Umonhon Nation Career Academy

Last year, this rural-area school in the Midwest contacted Liftnow with a unique need of outfitting an entirely new automotive technical college, complete with lifts, garage equipment, air compressors, and more.

However, without our unique solution and service program (spanning over 40 brands across categories of garage equipment), this project might take many months or even years due to the other outstanding general contracts. Additionally, many contracts employ multiple or dozens of contractors, which can lead to many administrative costs that are hidden at the cost of finding the lowest nominal price for any single piece of equipment or component of a project.

By utilizing renderings, architect-drawn shop plans and takeoffs, Liftnow was able to supply the requested equipment, and all setup/training, installation and extended warranties under a single contract and quote. We were also able to be flexible with this contract, processing multiple change orders as certain needs shifted or were added by the user, including procuring an air dryer from a local supplier. Instead of referring to multiple contracts and points of contact, the City simply kept in contact with the team at Liftnow, who served as a single point of contact for the life of the project. All expectations were met and exceeded in terms of lead times, quality of service, and budgetary constraints

Please see attached pictures below for the project, which included:

Additionally, with our service program, we were able to provide other services. This is because Liftnow Automotive Equipment is the only equipment specialist that respects the long-term value of a customer’s entire needs that extends past any single product or service. Other services we have provided include:

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