Challenger CLMM-5000 Medium Duty Mobile Column Vehicle Lift

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Lifting Capacity Per Column 5,000 lbs.
Height of Lift Unit 88.5″
Height of Lift Unit at Full Rise 157″
Width of Lift Unit 38.5″
Length of Lift Unit 46.75″
Maximum Lift Height (4 units) 69″
Maximum Lift Height (2 units – Normal Mode) 32″
Min-Max Wheel Diameter 6″ – 22″
Max. Hydraulic System Operating Pressure 2,230 psi
Lift Speed (Max Load) 60″ per min.
Weight of Lift Unit 870 lbs
Footprint of Lift Unit 450 sq. in.
Ground Pressure for each Lift (Max. Load) 13.04 psi
Turning Radius of Lift Unit 50.5″
Operating Peak Power 4HP
Operating Voltage 24 VDC nominal
Charger Voltage Required 120-240 VAC @ 50-60 Hz
Charger Amps Required 2.8 Amps
Colors Available Black