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What Is a Parallelogram Lift?

Your shop sees a high volume of traffic, and you need heavy-duty equipment that works as hard as you do. A parallelogram lift system might be what you need to shape up operations. This type of automotive lift is ideal for wash, inspection and service bays. Learn how these systems work and why you need one in your garage.

How Parallelogram Lift Systems Work

A parallelogram lift, also called a parallelogram hoist, is an automotive vehicle lift that features two drive-on runways. Instead of operating in a straight up-and-down motion, it moves vehicles a short distance forward or backward when lifting and lowering them. These lift systems are named for the shape that forms when they’re extended in use.

You can use a parallelogram lift by driving a vehicle onto the runways directly. These hoists typically use hydraulic power to lift and secure machines up to 6 feet in the air. They work efficiently, often reaching the desired height within a minute. Once the lift is in place, you can get to work — whether that means inspecting the vehicle, washing the undercarriage or replacing key components.

Yellow firetruck being raised on a parallelogram list

What Makes Parallelogram Lifts a Good Option?

Parallelogram hoists are a great choice of lift for garages, automotive dealerships and any operation that frequently works on heavy-duty vehicles. With two runways, they’re designed to lift very heavy vehicles while distributing tons of weight evenly on both sides. Some of the parallelogram hoists you’ll find in our inventory can lift up to 100,000 pounds.

Parallelogram lift systems are also great for opening up floor space in shops and garages. There’s no obstruction from columns underneath, leaving your crew with more space to navigate and clear access to the undercarriages of the vehicles they work on.

The lack of columns means parallelogram lifts offer more than visibility. Workers can position themselves directly under the equipment, placing everything they need to reach within arm’s length. This ergonomic positioning translates to less stretching and a lower likelihood of injuries on the job. It also means crews can work more efficiently — a big win for your bottom line.

Find a Lift and Get a Quote

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